Training Plan Description: As part of its HAZWOPER regulations, OSHA created comprehensive training standards to make sure that employees can recognize, handle and dispose of HAZMATs and hazardous waste safely. The “HAZWOPER Annual Retraining Package” provides employees with the information they need to refresh their understanding of the HAZWOPER regulation, as well as the major areas covered by the regulation. The four programs in the Series are used as the basis for the eight hours of annual retraining mandated by OSHA, and include: Introduction to HAZWOPER Retraining, HAZWOPER Understanding Chemical Hazards, HAZWOPER Personal Protective Equipment and Decontamination Procedures, and HAZWOPER: Exposure Monitoring and Medical Surveillance.

Courses included in this training plan:

  • Introduction to HAZWOPER Retraining
  • Understanding Chemical Hazards
  • Personal Protective Equipment & Decontamination Procedures
  • Exposure Monitoring & Medical Surveillance

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